Student’s Life


Students can visit our newly built gym, where they can play football, volleyball or try any of 15 available sport sections. Our students participate in national and federal competitions.

Scientific community

ISMA is an important research center and we are glad that our students take an active part in scientific life of the academy.

Amateur theater

Students are all-round and many of them involved in the theatrical circle. They organize various performances, such as «Romeo and Juliet» or «Notre Dame de Paris».

Student union

Student union offers students participation in social and administrative life of the academy.

If you are active, we are always glad to see you in our union.

DormitoryThere are three dormitories which are located close to the academy within accessibility of the public transport. Total number of beds is 1500 and there are all necessary facilities inside. Medical care is available at the medical point of the academy and dental centre too. Medical insurance is compulsory for all foreign students.