About Izhevsk

  • Izhevsk is a large industrial city with the population over 600,000 people. It was established in 1760 around an ironwork plant. Now it’s famous as a city where AK-47 is produced and where its creator Mikhail Kalashnikov lived.
  • But there are also a lot to see: beautiful churches, like St. Michael’s Cathedral, several parks, an embankment, zoo and much more.
  • Museum of famous composer P.I. Chaikovsky is located in the city of Votkinsk (60km from Izhevsk). You may go there by car or bus (single ticket costs about 200 roubles).
  • If you are interested in nature beauties, you should enjoy the view from Mt. Ural in Sarapul (100km from Izhevsk). You may go there by car or bus too (single ticket costs about 160 roubles).
  • Or you may go to Kungur Ice Cave (500 km from Izhevsk), it is really astonishing. To reach this place you may take a car, bus or train (single ticket costs about 500 roubles).
  • And if you want to go to Moscow or St.Petersburg it’s also not a problem, because Izhevsk is well connected with other cities by railway and air. The cost of single ticket is 2500 and 6000 roubles relatively.
  • Night life in Izhevsk is also a good experience. You can visit different bars, pubs or clubs which are not expensive (400 roubles) and where you can spend a great time together with your friends.