The faculty trains specialists who, upon graduation, can work as a general dentist, teachers of dentistry in medical schools and colleges, and scientists in the field of dentistry.

Full-time form of education. Duration of study – 5 years. Specialists are trained in accordance with the State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education in the specialty 040400 “Dentistry” approved by the Ministry of Education of Russia, and the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education in the specialty 060201 “Dentistry”, qualification “Specialist”, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

To date, the faculty enrolled 338 students.

The faculty of the Faculty of Dentistry of Izhevsk State Medical Academy has considerable scientific and pedagogical experience using the modern educational process. The faculty departments teach: 9 professors, 22 associate professors, 17 assistants, 3 senior lecturers. 47 of them have a scientific degree, including 11 doctors, 30 candidates of medical sciences, 2 candidates of pedagogical sciences, 2 candidates of economic sciences, 2 candidates of biological sciences. All teachers regularly attend refresher courses at central bases and on-site cycles and improve their pedagogical skills.

The emergence of new technologies in dentistry and high competition in the market of dental services dictate the need for training specialists with in-depth knowledge, clinical thinking and excellent manual skills. Today, the process of teaching students at the faculty is based on the principles of continuity, and at each level the form of students’ activity, which is close to the professional activity of a doctor, is consistently modeled. At the first stage, students become familiar with the work of a dentist and become an expert in the basics of the specialty on phantoms. Today, the dental faculty of Izhevsk State Medical Academy has a phantom class equipped with 24 desktop turbine drills.

All conditions have been created for the gradual mastering of manual skills and the participation of students in independent clinical admission of patients. The Faculty of Dentistry has its own clinical base – the IzhSMA Dental Clinic, equipped with all the current trends in dentistry. Also, the clinical bases of the faculty under the contracts are the largest, leading treatment-and-prophylactic and dental institutions of the Udmurt Republic and the city of Izhevsk.

Work with students is carried out in student scientific circles, which are organized in all departments of the faculty. The students involved in the circles make reports at scientific conferences, including abroad, publish the results of their scientific works. The possibility of learning modern technologies allows students to participate in the All-Russian Olympiads in Dentistry, which since 2012 have become international. So, at the All-Russian Student Olympiad in Therapeutic Dentistry, which was held at the Russian Peoples Friendship University (Moscow), students of the dental faculty took prizes in various nominations: “Restoration of teeth” (2010), “Endodontics” (2010), “Testing” (2010), “The best scientific report” (2013), at the All-Russian Student Olympiad on the Propaedeutics of Dental Diseases “First Steps in Dentistry”, held on the basis of the FMSMU named after Sechenov – in the nomination “Root canal filling” (2015).

Students of the dental faculty in Izhevsk State Medical Academy not only successfully learn, but also engage in amateur art activities, sports and tourism. In the public and cultural life of the Academy are actively involved in student government bodies and the trade union committee of students of the Izhevsk State Medical Academy.

After completing the 5th year, students, having passed the last state exams and having received a medical degree, continue postgraduate education in clinical internship and internship at the main specialized departments of the IzhSMA under the guidance of the faculty. After graduation, graduates can also continue their professional and scientific training in graduate school and clinical internship, as well as specialize in narrow specialties: dentist-surgeon, maxillofacial surgery, dentist therapist, orthopedic dentist, orthodontist, children’s dentist.
The dental faculty includes 8 departments:

  • Department of Therapeutic Dentistry
  • Department of Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Department of pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and prevention of dental diseases
  • Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Department of Microbiology and Virology
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Department of faculty therapy with courses of endocrinology and hematology
  • Department of Medbiophysics, Informatics and Economics