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  4. Dentistry
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01 Izhevsk State Medical Academy

We are the leading medial academy in Russian Federation for international students.

Izhevsk State Medical Academy is one of the famous centers of medical education and science with long and glorious history. Studying at the Medical Academy is much more difficult than in other universities, because the future doctor simply cannot allow himself not to know or understand something. We are proud of our teachers, graduates and highly skilled professionals who successfully work for the benefit of medical science and practical healthcare. To be worthy of our history we are working hard every day and are optimistic about our future. High professionalism of our staff, the development of effective medical, educational and social technologies, new scientific studies are all the keys to the successful work for the benefit of the society and that is the most important mission of Izhevsk State Medical Academy.
Rector of Izhevsk State Medical Academy,
Professor N.S.Strelkov

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02 Why we are the best?

Izhevsk State Medical Academy has a huge experience in education of international students for medical specialities. We are one of the best medical schools in Russian Federation.

Lowest tuition fees

Izhevsk State Medical Academy has really low tuition fees for all international students

Worldwide recognized

Izhevsk State Medical Academy works with big number of international companies and universities. Our diploma is recognized worldwide.

High quality of education

Izhevsk State Medical Academy has very professional staff that will bring high quality of education for you

03 Our Courses

General Medicine

General Medicine

We provide one of the best general medicine education for international students in Russian Federation



Dentistry is very popular course in Izhevsk State Medical Academy among international students



We offer pediatrics courses for all international students with the lowest tuition fees

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