Conference “World Economic Problems”

On Thursday, April 11, 2019, a conference on the theme “World Economic Problems” was held at our Izhevsk State Medical Academy. 7 first-year students of the medical faculty took part in it, presenting their reports to a large audience. The scientific leader of the speakers was the Honored Worker of Public Education of the Udmurt Republic, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Medical biophysics, Informatics and Economics Rapenkova A.V. Also at the conference were present: head of the department, candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Penkin N.P. and secretary Zagumenova Y.A.

The report opened the conference “Digital economy – the economy of the XXI century”. He presented a student 122 gr. of medical faculty Dudorov A.A. and student 121 gr. of Medical Faculty Nasibullin I.R. The next was the report “Cryptocurrency – the currency of the world”, which was brilliantly made by the student 116 gr. of Medical Faculty Levitin D.O. The third presented their report Lozhkina D.S. and Ozhegova Ya.A. – students 125 gr. Of medical faculty. A no less entertaining report followed them “Russia in the Epoch of Sanctions”, the topic of which was opened by the student 119 gr. Medical Faculty Moskovkin K.N. Concluding was the student performance 117 gr. Erika Gizzatullin Medical Faculty on the topic: “The phenomenon of global risks.”

Each speaker approached his own topic very responsibly and clearly outlined such difficult subjects of the audience, which were second-year students of the first course of the medical faculty.